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Below are the 8 most recent journal entries recorded in fair_monica's LiveJournal:

Saturday, July 3rd, 2004
1:35 pm
Monica and Elijah play in the snowCollapse )

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Saturday, May 8th, 2004
3:49 am
((Hope I'm not stepping on your toes, Ewanmun! <3))
Work about the shop is normal, not too busy around this time as winter approaches, so Monica does not have much to do aside from cleaning up after the pixies.

She has been watching Ewan carefully for the past few weeks, noticing the lack of bounce in his step, the one he used to greet her with every morning when she had first arrived in Wellington. She has seen him working around the shop, putting on a cheery face for his customers, but as soon as they leave and the shop is empty again, his expression goes back to that of sadness. He tries to hide it, she can tell, but it's hard to hide such sorrow and pain. She knows why he is unhappy. He has not spoken of Paris at all lately nor has she heard or seen anything of the unicorn elsewhere.

It breaks her heart -- that which she shields from the pain of love -- to see Ewan like this, and she knows the time will soon come for him to leave. The pixies give off that restless air, but more than that, she knows because he is the one creature and person she is closest to in this town. He is the nearest she has had to "kin" in many decades, closest in kind to her -- she who has no others, and she enjoyed that company, that feeling of "family."

Not wanting to disturb him or let him realize she knows that he will leave, she decides simply to work and treat him as she has been since he employed her, until he comes to her with his news. It will be hard to watch him go, not knowing how long it will be before she sees him again -- she knows she will see him again, but that time may be long from now in human years. His leaving is best for him, and she knows this as well...

...but it will be difficult to see him go.

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Sunday, April 11th, 2004
2:19 am
Elijah: *I sigh gratefully. The full moon is over. This was one of the hardest weeks I have ever experienced. The seclusion of the ranch. Was probably for the best though. I jumped on my bike and rolled into town.. After a visit to Livvies I head to The Green Treasure. Ewan had given me the bloodstone and I wanted to show him the results.. When I, well the faries, pushed open the door I was surprised that Ewan wasn't there.. But.. Someone else was..*

Monica: *standing at the counter, polishing some stones, she looks up when she hears the pixies opening the door* Hello, Elijah! *slides out from behind the counter and goes to him* How are you?

Elijah: *Hugging you warmly* I am fine. No worse for the moon wear.. Ewan said you worked here now. Is he about the shop somewhere?

Monica: *hugs back* No, Ewan went out a bit earlier. He should be back soon, if you want to wait?

'What does he have you working on?'Collapse )

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Monday, March 22nd, 2004
8:01 pm
Ewan has been gone for two days. I wonder where he is... Well, I'm sure he will be back soon. In the mean time, I have been taking care of the shoppe. Doing a pretty good job, if I do say so myself. Of course, the people here are very nice, so that helps. I have even met a few very nice gentlemen.

I have found a place to stay. It is a small appartment over one of the shoppes in the area. The woman who runs the shoppe below it wasn't using it, so she rented it to me. I am going to buy proper decorations for the appartment once I have saved enough money. For now, though, I will finish closing up Ewan's shoppe, and then relax in the park, I think... that sounds nice. I will do that.

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Thursday, February 12th, 2004
11:34 pm
Monica: *walks past small shops and stops at Ewans, feeling curious, talking to herself* Hmm... it looks open... I should explore. *she enters the store quietly, looking around, smiling. There's something different here*

Ewan: *A display of small windchimes by her side start all jangling at once, though there's no breeze to be felt moving them. A giggle from somewhere else in the shoppe hints to the reason. I hear the sprites chattering about someone new,and emerge from the stockroom, hopping onto the counter to take a look at her.* Hello! Welcome to my shoppe. *Grinning.*

Monica: *at the noise, she looks at the windchimes, then at Ewan at his counter. She smiles and glides over to the counter* Hello. *looking around* You have a lovely shop.

Ewan: *I grin even wider, shrugging.* Thank you! I try to make it nice. Do you have anything in particular you're looking for today? I have a wonderful assortment of jewelry, hand crafted by yours truly. Do you live around here? I'm still pretty new to town. *I thrust out my hand.* Ewan. Ewan McGregor. *Always liked the name McGregor.*

Monica: *Smiling widely, his mood is infectious. She shakes his hand* My name is Monica. It's a pleasure to meet you, Ewan. *squeezes his hand through the shake* I'm not thinking of anything in particular, really. I just stopped by to have a peek. *smiles* I live around here, you could say... I'm new here as well.

Gets NC-17. Wherein Monica has a little fun, and then accepts a jobCollapse )

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Tuesday, February 10th, 2004
9:45 am
Looking for a job has been very slow-going. I have not yet found one. Time is not wasted, though. I spend it exploring the town when I'm not looking for a job. It's a beautiful place at the beginning of fall. The air is cooler and the leaves are changing colors. It's a nice atmosphere, and everyone is so friendly.

I have not seen my new acquantainces since I met them. They have jobs, others to take care of, so I shall bide my time looking for a useful way to spend it. I recall Elijah telling me about a club nearby... Perhaps the owner has a job opening. It wouldn't hurt to ask, at the least...

((OOC: She's just wandering around again, so if someone wants to stop her, feel free. :) ))

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Wednesday, January 28th, 2004
4:24 pm
((OOC: This happens on Elijah's birthday, right after this thread.))

Monica and Elijah go out for breakfast while Keira tags alongCollapse )

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2:05 am
Monica's debut
I step off the boat and give the captain a few extra coins, a smile, a wink, and a "thank you for the lift." He nods to me and sets off for his next destination. I pick up my bags and look around me, eyeing the town from here, trying to gather what it will be like. I've been in many small towns before. Perhaps it will be like the rest, perhaps not. I can only find out when I enter...

I take my time entering the bounds of the city, walking along its sidewalks, enjoying the weather. It's summer here. So strange to come from winter --snow, wind, ice, hail-- to a place with a beautiful summer fragrance and a pleasant breeze. I see a few passers-by and smile politely, though they must think me a little odd for carrying a small suitcase and bag around in the middle of the night. I shrug and close my eyes, letting my feet guide me for a while, simply smelling the air. It's a bit different here. Strange, in a way. There is something to it that I cannot place. Looking up at the sky, I see a beautiful display of stars, free from the smog and smoke more prominent in larger cities like Budapest. Home it may have been in the past, but time changes many things, and I could not bear the crowds or the people.

I've never been fond of hot weather, and with the breeze coming from the sea, the air seems warmer. Perhaps a little rain would help... I close my eyes and summon light clouds I'd seen over the ocean on my way here. Nothing heavy, merely a drizzle. Something to cool off the skin. I open my eyes and see the clouds above the town, the rain coming in mists and cooling off my skin as I walk to a park. Finding a tree with broad branches, I set my bags down and climb into it, finding a branch strong enough to hold my weight, then drift off into a light, peaceful sleep. Tomorrow brings new opportunities, a new life. Tonight, though, I sleep as I would in my woods, many centuries ago.

((OOC: Please, anyone feel free to drop in.))

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